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Four years of occupation followed until Belgium was liberated Czechoslovakia was formed after the First World War. The country was one of the first to fall prey to Nazi Germany and one of the last to be liberated during the war. France was one of the major European powers but was quickly defeated by Germany in the spring of Four years of occupation followed before the liberation of France and the rest of Western Europe began Germany started the Second World War and was responsible for some of the darkest pages in European history.

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With the liberation of Europe in the war came to Germany bringing with it suffering and When the war broke out Italy was part of the Axis alliance under its dictator Benito Mussolini. Italy fought alongside Germany until when it switched sides to join the Allies after their invasion of It was from Britain that the liberation of Western Europe was launched in June Luxembourg was invaded by Germany in May despite her neutral stance.

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  • Luxembourg had no army to speak of so the German invasion went virtually unopposed. By the end of the first day of the invasion most In the Second World War began with the invasion of Poland. Poland suffered greatly during the war under both Nazi and Soviet rule.

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    In May the Netherlands was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany. When the liberation came in the country gained strategic importance with Operation Market Garden and the battle of the Scheldt. Liberation Route Europe Liberation Route Europe is a continuously growing, international remembrance trail, connecting important milestones of modern European history. Read more.

    World War Two: How the Allies Won

    Infantry moving up during attacks between Hill and Hill in the Odon valley, 16 July It was the start of the campaign to liberate Europe and defeat Germany. The Battle of Normandy was a hard-fought campaign.

    British divisions bore the brunt of German resistance on the eastern flank of the front, enabling US forces to stage a breakout in the west. Casualties - especially among the infantry - were heavy.

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    By the end of August, the Germans were in full retreat out of France. The rapid Allied advance to the German frontier could not be sustained, which allowed the Germans to regroup. In September, Field Marshal Montgomery launched a daring but unsuccessful airborne operation to capture a bridge over the Lower Rhine at Arnhem, and outflank the defences of the Siegfried Line.

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    As winter approached, the Allied campaign ground to a halt. The surprise counter-offensive achieved some initial success, but was soon contained by US forces. When the weather cleared, Allied air attacks completed the destruction of the German spearheads.