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Find out more about it. Use as many different means as possible to access the past.

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The internet is the key now to get a flavour of all types of history. Get an overview and find out about as many time periods, places and topics as possible. Reflections Magazine is supported by a dedicated number of sixth formers, each with specific curriculum subject editorial responsibilities. Read the full interview. In the centenary commemoration of the ending of the First World War, Professor Stevenson spoke at a number of public events around the UK to share his vast knowledge on the subject.

On 5 October he spoke at the Malvern Festival of Military History , the only literary festival dedicated solely to military history, fiction and non-fiction from Agincourt to Afghanistan.

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  4. His lecture re-examined how the First World War ended. Watch a recording of the event on YouTube. Listen to their interview on the BBC Radio 4 website , starting at 1h55m.

    Margaret MacMillan: The Changing Nature of European War 1815-1914

    In the podcast, recorded in January , Professor Stevenson discusses the causes, course, and effects of the events of the year , a turning point in the history of WWI and the evolution of the modern world. He shares insights about judging historical forces and human agency, evaluating counterfactuals, and drawing comparisons between and subsequent events of the last years, including the Second World War, the Vietnam War, and conflicts of the twenty-first century.

    Listen to the podcast in the New Book's webiste. The course will offer an intensive investigation of a central set of topics over the last century of international politics. It will introduce students to the international history of the two world wars and the Cold War as well as the post-Cold War period. The material should be readily accessible to students with little previous background in the field, as well as rewarding for those who already have familiarity with the content. Other guest speakers include John Calvert, Richard S. The book is the first international study of the calamitous events of the year , a pivotal year in the development of the First World War and the evolution of the modern world.

    Professor Stevenson, a leading historian of WWI, examines how the war was transformed, but also what kept it going and why it continued to escalate. He also examines this crucial year in context and illuminates the century that followed.

    Professor David Stevenson

    Two developments in particular — the Russian Revolution and American intervention — had long-lasting and worldwide repercussions. Blending political and military history, and moving from capital to capital and between the cabinet chamber and the battle front, Professor Stevenson's book highlights the often tumultuous debates through which leaders entered and escalated the war, and the paradox that continued fighting could be justified as the shortest road towards regaining peace. Read more about in the OUP's website. Pre-order the book on Amazon UK. During the Battle of Passchendaele, an estimated , allied and , German casualties dead, wounded or missing fell after approximately days of heavy fighting for a movement of the front line of only 8 kilometres.

    Watch a video clip of Professor Stevenson's interview. In its fourth series, the lectures aim to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War.