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What happened? The question haunts this film and will likely haunt many of its viewers, wherever they happen to be watching. But her family history also connects her with the business interests — the construction industry in particular — that she argues have warped Brazilian politics and undermined its democratic, egalitarian potential. Lula is depicted as the flawed but nonetheless authentic embodiment of that potential, a leader whose down-to-earth charisma remains consistent whether he is addressing striking workers or presiding over affairs of state.

What energizes her story is the fight to achieve a measure of analytical clarity in the midst of catastrophe.

Rather than cloud her vision, her sympathies sharpen it. What she sees — what she shows — is both a thriller and epic, a tale of conspiratorial, self-interested scheming that is at the same time a saga of large historical forces and epochal shifts in power and ideology.

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Public frustration with government as a whole could thus be mobilized against Lula and Rousseff, whose effigies were paraded, dressed in prison stripes, at street rallies. This is documentary cinema in which facts tangle compellingly with feeling, while passages of solemn, stately mood-building split the difference. The ironic symbolism is plain enough to see, though one also senses this excellent, uneasy film occasionally at a loss for words. This is how the hell we got here, Costa shows her audience; how we get out is another question entirely.

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Also in Sundance, Hot Docs festivals. Crew : Director: Petra Costa.

Dilma Rousseff: The Rise of Brazil’s Far Right Threatens Democratic Gains Since End of Dictatorship

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In a statement on Tuesday, the studio hit back at suggestions that it is glamorizing a mass murderer. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

Is Brazil heading towards a military dictatorship? | Brazil Elections | Al Jazeera

By Guy Lodge. Director: Petra Costa 1 hour 53 minutes. Popular on Variety. Close Menu.